Karachi Airport Siege

There’s been a horrific attack on Karachi Airport leaving 23 dead.

I’ve spent several hours in this airport on multiple occasions, but always felt it was a matter of time before something like this would happen considering it is a strategic port for the war in Afghanistan and the proxy war in Pakistan’s West Provinces which have left thousands dead. I always felt on edge here knowing it was a transit-zone for so much destruction. 

I remember hearing a drone once near the Pakistan/Afghanistan border and I can tell you it was one of the eeriest moments of my life. Locals said the sound of these cold, empty machines echoed often through the valleys which they called home.

It is hard to comprehend the terror created by the sound of a machine manned by soldiers somewhere out there, designed to drop bombs based on targets created by strategic intelligence officers somewhere else in the world.

Sadly this neighbourhood is now under siege by local and international terrorist organisations responsible for attacks that have killed thousands
This was the area I was in when I heard the drone. Sadly, this once relatively peaceful neighbourhood is now under siege by local and international terrorist organisations responsible for attacks that have killed thousands

The War in Afghanistan is insidious and seems to have destroyed any semblance of security in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. 

It’s hard to accurately define who is behind these attacks in Karachi because it’s common knowledge that the Pakistani Taliban seem to be as intertwined with the Pakistani Intelligence Services as they are with Al-Quaeda. Sometimes counter attacks on such sieges seem like well-staged war theatrics to Pakistanis who have little trust left in national security organisations.

The war in Afghanistan has increased the threat of terror in the West, and has caused a huge spike in terrorism attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan, all targeted at civilians.

Thousands of lives have been acumulatively lost through spilling of the war in Afghanistan into Pakistan including through the Pakistani Government’s war against the Baloch in resulting in forced disapearances of activists under counter terrorism legislation established to combat the war on terror. Thousands more lives have been lost to sectarian attacks against Hazara and other minorities by Sunni militant groups. Add these tolls to the growing list of lives lost to the otherwise general civil unrest that has resulted in parts of the country being ruled by thugs and warlords despite the enforcement of Martial Law in areas and you have a death toll of over 50 000 people between the years 2003-2014. 

So very cliched to ask the question, but is the world actually a safer place now?

Author: kategrealy

Australian singer songwriter, PhD candidate, Mum

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