Gig photos from earlier this week

Angie from CK Food Lab introduced me to fellow Australian singer-songwriter Ayleen O’Hanlon a few months ago. Although we’d never met around the music scene in Melbourne, a common interest in Indonesia (we both studied bahasa Indonesia here in Indonesia) brought us together.

We did a gig together at Ascos earlier this week whilst Ayleen was travelling through Jogja 🙂

Ayleen & I doing a duet - photo by Debin Digicore
Ayleen & I doing a duet, the Indonesian lullaby Suliram – photo by Debin Digicore

And another from earlier in the evening…

Photo by Debin Digicore
Photo by Debin Digicore

Big thanks to Ascos and everyone who who came down, was a really fun night 🙂

See you at the next gig, 19th Feb in Jogja (more details soon)

Author: kategrealy

Australian singer songwriter, PhD candidate, Mum

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