Kate Grealy began performing as a busker (pengamen) at the age of 15 in her home-town of Albury in Australia, and since then has had the opportunity to perform at Australia’s major festivals and music events, and alongside prominent international artists such as Paul Kelly, Troy Casser-Daly, Xavier Rudd, Dallas Frasca, Jordie Lane, and many others.

Moving to Indonesia to pursue a new professional role in 2012, Kate has continued writing and performing and has played with some of Indonesia’s top musicians and songwriters including Bondan Prakoso, Anda Pradana, Jahanam and more. Kate has also collaborated with Indonesian writers Novriantoni Kahar, and Fahd Djibran, and the Hellhouse Hip Hop Community. She is also one of the founding members of the Australia Indonesia Hip Hop Coalition.

Kate finished recording her second EP in February 2015 in the Central Javanese city of Jogjakarta, in collaboration with Indonesian artists. This EP will be released in October 2015.

The first single from the record will be released in May 2015 along with a video by Indonesian film-maker Andre Triadiputra.

Below are video live video performances. The first one was filmed in Melbourne by Rachel Main

The video below is from a performance at a Sisters for Sisters show

For more videos visit Kate’s youtube channel www.youtube.com/kagrealy


  1. working as a copywriter; studying international relations; engaging in social activity; playing music; observing politics; don’t you feel tired with you many kinds of activities??? awesome, Kate!!!

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