New Song Out This Thursday

I’ve been working on a bunch of new music this year with the help of Michael Marmion at Zun Studios, who very generously sponsored this record.

Not My Job To Make You Happy features Melbourne’s finest soul singer, Candice Monique. It’s a jazzy, soul record about how I moved on from the unhealthy need to try and please everyone by just swaying to other people’s needs. Which is kind of tiring =. As Finch explains:

“We all curate our lives to some extent. And for people-pleasers, the ways in which we do that “curating” piece often stems from a place of fear … To avoid conflict, negative emotions, … will go out of their way to mirror someone’s opinions and appease them in order to deescalate situations or potential issues.”


Not My Job To Make You Happy is out on all streaming platforms this Thursday. You can save the pre-release here if you’d like to be notified of the exact release. Otherwise you can follow me on Spotify, Apple and all the other platforms.

PS. Saving the pre-release is very helpful for me as it makes Spotify’s and Apple’s algorithms more favorable to the release 🙂


Grealy & Sinaga Collaboration Project

When I was living in Jogjakarta, Indonesia in 2013 I worked on some collaborations with beat-maker, producer and rapper Alex Sinaga.

Here’s one of the songs we worked on during this time. More to come soon 🙂

Tonight I’m playing at Oxen Free with Lima Ribu

Here’s the details:

Oxen Free Jl Sosrowijayan no. 2 (dekat Jl Maliaboro), 6pm onwards and it’s free

For more info see the Facebook event:

Free music download

Morning friends,

In preparing to complete the recording of my second release here in Jogja, I realised I hadn’t yet released for previous EP Menagerie digitally! So I’ve made it available here for free download for the next month.

I recorded it with the amazingly talented Ben Charnley, Peter Emptage, Justin Marshall, and Julian Waters-Lynch at Thirty Mill Studios back when I was doing my undergrad (I seem to always put out records when I’m at uni).

Here’s the link, feel free to share it amongst your networks!

Gig photos from earlier this week

Angie from CK Food Lab introduced me to fellow Australian singer-songwriter Ayleen O’Hanlon a few months ago. Although we’d never met around the music scene in Melbourne, a common interest in Indonesia (we both studied bahasa Indonesia here in Indonesia) brought us together.

We did a gig together at Ascos earlier this week whilst Ayleen was travelling through Jogja 🙂

Ayleen & I doing a duet - photo by Debin Digicore
Ayleen & I doing a duet, the Indonesian lullaby Suliram – photo by Debin Digicore

And another from earlier in the evening…

Photo by Debin Digicore
Photo by Debin Digicore

Big thanks to Ascos and everyone who who came down, was a really fun night 🙂

See you at the next gig, 19th Feb in Jogja (more details soon)

Recording at Studio Kuaetnika Padepokan, Jogjakarta

I started recording my EP yesterday at Studio Kuaetnika Padepokan in Jogjakarta. It’s been a while between releases so I’m really excited to be recording again 🙂

Recording at Studio Kuaetnika Padepokan yesterday
Recording guitar parts at Studio Kuaetnika Padepokan yesterday

I’m Recording a new EP tomorrow

Getting my lyrics in order today at our house in Jogjakarta
Getting my lyrics in order today at our house in Jogjakarta

It’s been a busy year but I’m still on holidays so I’ve got time to record a bunch of songs! Some of them are old, some are new. They’re all mostly stories about people I know, and little tiny bit of politics (but it’s all metaphoric, not preachy). But no love songs about me being in love or anything! I’ve always felt odd about sharing such private feely feeling things with the world. Maybe I’ll get past that in the future. But I’ve written several about stories my friends have told me. Some of them about love, falling in and out of love, and the awkwardness of telling someone you, like, like them, and even one about the effects of drinking 18 glasses of cheap wine. I’m also throwing in a song by The Pogues which is one of my favourites.

Look forward to sharing these songs once the process is done 🙂

I’m playing a gig tonight with Mas Pengky in Jogjakarta

Here’s all the info

Date: November 20 (tonight) at Warung Mas Kali

Address: Jalan Damai no.168A, kiri Jalan, barat Kring Krong. (Jl. Kaliurang Km.8 ke Barat)

Time: The gig starts 8pm (no jam karet/rubber time), and it’s free!

Open Mic: If you’d like to get up and have a sing later on after our sets we’ll also open the stage

Other: for those who like a drink feel free to BYO. If you don’t, there’s great coffee and tea from across Indonesia and an awesome range of pecel and other Indonesian cuisine

Gig flyer
Gig flyer

Hope to see you there 🙂

A New Song

I wrote this song last night, dedicated to friends who have passed away. Jamming here with my kos-mates in Jakarta. Am lucky to live with some talented musicians.

I will begin recording a new EP in August. This song will be on it along with other new material.

This song is called Why You Had To Go