New Song Out This Thursday

I’ve been working on a bunch of new music this year with the help of Michael Marmion at Zun Studios, who very generously sponsored this record.

Not My Job To Make You Happy features Melbourne’s finest soul singer, Candice Monique. It’s a jazzy, soul record about how I moved on from the unhealthy need to try and please everyone by just swaying to other people’s needs. Which is kind of tiring =. As Finch explains:

“We all curate our lives to some extent. And for people-pleasers, the ways in which we do that “curating” piece often stems from a place of fear … To avoid conflict, negative emotions, … will go out of their way to mirror someone’s opinions and appease them in order to deescalate situations or potential issues.”


Not My Job To Make You Happy is out on all streaming platforms this Thursday. You can save the pre-release here if you’d like to be notified of the exact release. Otherwise you can follow me on Spotify, Apple and all the other platforms.

PS. Saving the pre-release is very helpful for me as it makes Spotify’s and Apple’s algorithms more favorable to the release 🙂


Free music download

Morning friends,

In preparing to complete the recording of my second release here in Jogja, I realised I hadn’t yet released for previous EP Menagerie digitally! So I’ve made it available here for free download for the next month.

I recorded it with the amazingly talented Ben Charnley, Peter Emptage, Justin Marshall, and Julian Waters-Lynch at Thirty Mill Studios back when I was doing my undergrad (I seem to always put out records when I’m at uni).

Here’s the link, feel free to share it amongst your networks!